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77 Main Street
Hahndorf, SA, 5245

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Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery in Hahndorf, South Australia is an iconic tourist attraction with tribal art, fine art, gemstones, minerals, rare timbers and more. Visit on your next trip to South Australia.


Gemstones Mine at Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery | Hahndorf SA

Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery in Hahndorf, South Australia is an iconic tourist attraction with a gallery focused on the Gemstones of Australia, including opals, other gemstones and the jewellery made with them. Visit on your next trip to South Australia.


Llama Blue

Opal is Australia’s National Gemstone – it produces about 95% of the gem grade opal going on the international market. Many people are surprised at the extent of the variation within opal – no two opals are identical.

Australian precious opal is usually defined as belonging to one of the following categories:

Solid Black Opal

Solid White or Milky Opal

Solid Crystal Opal

Solid Andamooka Matrix Opal

Solid Queensland Boulder Opal

Solid Queensland Matrix Opal

Doublet Opal

Triplet Opal

Solid Black opal

Solid Black opal is one of the most expensive of gemstones, the value of good stones being on a par with rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

In the past most of the black opal has come from Lighting Ridge, but in more recent times beautiful black and semi-black stones have been found at Mintabi in South Australia

We have stones in the price range of $100 per carat up to $5000 per carat.

Solid White or Milky opal        

This is the most commonly found class of opal in Australia. It can be full of colour, but because that colour is displayed against the milky-white body colour of the stone, the colours are less evident than in the other classes. It is found in all the opal areas in Australia.

Price range from $20 per carat to $60 per carat.

Solid Crystal opal        

Solid Crystal opal, in the best crystal the stone is transparent, but harbouring brilliant flashes of colour throughout. Stones with slight milkiness, but brilliant colour are some what reduced in value. This is a popular type of opal, found at Mintabi, South Australia, and White Cliffs and Lighting Ridge in New South Wales.

The value range is from $100 per carat up to $500 per carat.

Solid Andamooka Matrix opal

This is a special type of solid opal only found at Andmooka. When mined it is porous and often white. The natural colours don’t display well against the white body so this variety of opal is usually cooked in a sugar solution. During this process a small amount of the sugar permeates the porosity of the stone, and this is carbonised by the cooking process, leaving a minute amount of black carbon in the pores of the opal. This highlights the beautiful natural colours in the matrix opal, some of which is equivalent in colour to that of the black opal.

Price range $15 per carat to $150 per carat.

Solid Queensland Boulder opal

Opal occurs over thousands of square kms in western Queensland, where it is found as narrow veins and impregnation in iron rich sandstone. The naturally dark host rock highlights the colour which can be very vibrant and striking. The price range for Boulder opal is from $20 per carat to $1000 per carat. Almost invariably, boulder opal, as with all high quality opal, is cut to a freeform shape to maximaize the use of the natural material and optimize the play of colour.

Solid Queensland Matrix opal               

In some of the opal fields the dark ironstone matrix is filled with flashes of brilliant colour. While the opal is too minute to separate from the stone, when the matrix itself is polished often a beautiful flashing gemstone can be obtained. Stones are valued at $10 per carat up to $100 per carat.

Doublet opal

Sometimes the best colour can be obtained from an opal when a slice of it is cemented to a dark background. Often this is a thin slice of Queensland boulder. Over recent years fashion has dictated that this is much sought after, providing bright beautiful colour at a fraction of the cost of a solid.

Price is determined by colour brilliance and size and varies from $40 per stone up to $3000 per stone.

Triplet opal

(sometimes called Laminated opal)

A thin layer of opal, often of very good quality, is cemented to a black base, to highlight the colour, then capped with a rounded covering of ‘quartz’, to protect the thin layer of opal. Because only a thin layer of opal is used in the stone, the cost of a triplet is much less than that of a solid stone with equivalent colour. However, brilliantly coloured triplets can be more valuable than lower quality solid opals. Price is determined by colour, brightness, and size. Price range is from $5 per stone up to $1000 per stone.

A great variety of opals are available and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Selection should be made on the basis of the particular taste of the customer, the use to which the stone will be put, and the amount of money on wishes to invest. Opal is the opal gem where virtually every stone is unique, each with its own colours, patterns, shape and interaction with light.

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Llama Blue

In addition of OPAL we stock a wide selection of Australian Gemstones. These include:

Australian Jade

Australian Rhodonite

Australian Sapphire

Australian Chrysoprase

As well as Prehnite, Turquois, many jaspers and agates etc. 

Many other gemstones are available from worldwide localities: for both use in jewellery or as collector items.


Jewellery Gemstones include:








Garnet (Many varieties)






And many more

Gemstones Primarily for Collectors include:






And others.

Included Quartz






Some 150 different gemstones, and varieties are available, in a range of sizes. These are often sought by customers making their own jewellery or building up a collection of gem materials.


A range of many different semi-precious materials, cut and fashioned as eggs or spheres, is always on display.


Selected gemstone materials carved in a range of different forms; available in price range of $20 up to $500.

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Llama Blue

The Gemstone Mine has in stock a stock range of jewellery, not only in opal, which is our specialty, but in the widest range of gemstone; almost every gemstone from ammolite to zoisite.

While the better stones are set in 9, 14 and 18 k gold, all the others are in sterling silver.

If you’re looking for something different, something unusual , something with a rare gemstones, it would pay to visit and check us out.

In addition to the rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, ear-rings and studs, cuff-links and tie pins, there is an exceptionally wide range of gemstones bead necklaces, priced from $20 to $2000.

As we do all the stringing of beads in shop we can tailor the necklaces to the customers specific requirements.

For the past 30 years we have be cutting gemstones and manufacturing to order. You find the gemstone, we will cut it and design and make a beautiful and useful item of jewellery for you.

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