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77 Main Street
Hahndorf, SA, 5245

(08) 8388 7218

Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery in Hahndorf, South Australia is an iconic tourist attraction with tribal art, fine art, gemstones, minerals, rare timbers and more. Visit on your next trip to South Australia.


Australian Minerals at Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery | Hahndorf SA

Bukartilla and Tineriba Gallery in Hahndorf, South Australia is an iconic tourist attraction with a gallery focused on Australian Minerals, including insects, shells, fossils and minerals. Visit on your next trip to South Australia.


Llama Blue

Blue Mineral

Blue Mineral

Green Mineral

Green Mineral

Brown Mineral

Brown Mineral

Orange MIneral

Orange MIneral

As we have been collecting for 50 years we have an extraordinary range of specimens, both from Australia and many other countries.

This covers in excess of 600 different mineral species, including a number from type localities. Click here to download a PDF list of our available minerals.

Other collectors are looking for attractive cabinet specimens, and we have many of these, from classic Australian and overseas localities.

Rather than listing all specimens, which would not be possible, we encourage collectors to enquire about items in which they may be interested.

A selection of current items in stock.


Pyromorphite Broken Hill



Crystal Gold

Opal Specimens


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Llama Blue

While the fossil collection in not large there are interesting and varied specimens from many countries. We have some of the worlds oldest fossils, as well as Archaeocyathina, Ammonites, Trilobites, Crinoids, Fish, Insects, Plants, Echinoids, Shells, Stromatolites, Starfish and many more.

Our special interest is opalised fossils found on several of the Australian Opal fields. While various species of shells are the most common, there are opalised belemnites, some bones and wood, all preserved in either precious opal,  potch or common opal.

If you would like a list of the fossils we have available, please email us and we can provide you with one.

Opalised shells

Small opalised shells


Ammonites halved

Dunnedoo leaves

Thalesima anomala


Selection of shark teeth

Oreadan Skull

Selenite casts

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Llama Blue

With many years of collecting in Papua New Guinea and by purchase of collections, we have now a very broad selection particularly of Indo-pacific and Australian species. Of interest is our good selection of Papua New Guinea Land snails, many of them endemic to very localised regions. For the collector we do have lists of shells available from several of the different families. Eg cowries, cones, volutes landsnails.

If you would like a list of our available shells, please email us and we will provide it for you.


Decorator shells

Australian shells

Overseas shells

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Llama Blue


Most of our loose insects and butterflies are from the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Predominantly of the orders:






All the butterflies, big and small, with many brightly coloured or iridescent. The Ornithoptera (birdwing) butterflies are well represented  in our collections.


Many of the beetles can be beautifully coloured, of all shapes and sizes; some up to 10cms body size with antennae a further 20cms. The range includes longicorns, stag  beetles, jewel beetles, dung and Christmas beetles, and large iridescent weevils.


Another interesting group which includes cicadas,stink and assassin bugs, various leaf hoppers and plant bugs.


Some bugs, stick and leaf insects are endemic  to Papua New Guinea. These may be up to 30cms long.



Stag Beetles

Rhino Beetles


Stick Insects

Also available on a semi-regular basis are boxed sets of butterflies and insects from South America.

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